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donation is a feature provided by OxaPay that allows users to create donation link and add it to their website, social media pages and which donors can click on to donate. This button enables users to accept donations from their website visitors or followers on social media platforms.

Create your account

• you need an OxaPay account for managing and saving your crypto assets. You can create your OxaPay account free at this link (Just need an email and sign up in less than 1 minute):


Donation page

• On the Donation page (you can find it in your OxaPay panel menu), you can view the details of your donations.

Payment summaries

• In this section, you can see the total value of donated transactions for today, this week, this month, and overall.

Generate your donation

• Enter a desired name for your donation button link, which should be between 3 to 30 characters long, in the "Name" field.

• Choose the accepted coins in the "Accepted Coins" section. Accepted coins refer to specific cryptocurrencies that are considered valid and can be used for payment. You can manually select specific coins or click on "Select All" to choose all coins.

• In the field below, you can enable the SHOW option to display the NAME and EMAIL fields. By enabling this option, if the payer enters their name and email, it will be shown in Your Donation transactions

• Additionally, if name and email are necessary, you can activate the REQUIRE option to compulsive the payer's NAME and EMAIL fields. By enabling this option, the payer will be required to enter their name and email before proceeding with the payment.

• Finally, click on the "Create donation" to generate your desired donation button

Donation payments statistics

• In the " Donation payments statistics " section, you can view a chart displaying the payment transactions associated with your Donation payment. This chart provides visual information about the donate activity, allowing you to track and monitor the performance of your Donation button over time.

Your donation

• In the " Your donation" section, you can view the details of your Donation and copy the URL or use its QR code. This allows you to easily share the Donation button with others

• Please note that the created donation are not editable, and if any changes are required, you must delete that link and create a new one.

pre-built donation button codes

• If you wish, you can use the pre-built donation codes provided by Oxapay.

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